Why Go Solar?

See why thousands are going solar here in Arizona

What is it?

The sun shines all year round in Arizona, and that’s great news for solar power. No matter where you live in the Grand Canyon state, there is a solar option for you and your family. Although utilities companies and weather conditions vary dramatically across the state, we provide ourselves on being experts in each area and providing a custom solar proposal for your home.

Another name for solar is The Net Metering program which allows residential and solar users to sell excess electricity back to their local utility. This creates a market for clean, renewable energy that is locked in for decades.

Benefits of a Home Solar System

The net metering program will generate sustainable revenue streams for utilities to reinvest into public services and programs that improve quality of life in their given communities. In addition, the increased use of solar panels across the state provides clean power generation and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Time-of-use plans are becoming increasingly popular across the state throughout the major Utility Companies. These plans are often troublesome for homeowners because you are limited in what you can use as far as electrical appliances are concerned during the busiest time of the day.

We help homeowners with a solution that will allow them to realize all the benefits of solar and actually keep the home significantly cooler during the extremely warm summer months without sacrificing savings monthly.

As well as going solar, we provide multiple energy efficiency options that we can bundle into the solar. These energy efficiency options make it so you can yield the greatest amount 

Profit on Home Solar

In Arizona, it is quite possible to make a profit on a residential solar system by using credits from the electric company or by selling electricity back to utility providers at peak times. The incentives are also generous: any one who installs and uses rooftop photovoltaic panels in Arizona may be eligible for federal or local tax credits or rebates (or both).

Save around 60-80%* on your electric rates

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