Our Mission:

Provide the world with affordable and sustainable solar power.

What we do

Founded in 2015, we set out to bring affordable energy to everyone. We love renewable energy and believe it is the way of the future. Going solar should be headache-free and easy to understand. We provide that.

Why we do it

The United States gets 81% of its total energy from fossil fuels. We depend on this to heat our homes, run our vehicles, power manufacturing plants, and provide us with electricity. Why not let solar power our lives?

How we do it

Because solar panels are far more efficient than traditional utilities, you are able to offset expensive electric bills. Simply put, once you go solar, you will trade out your higher utility bill with a lower solar bill. 

Who we are

Austin Spilsbury

Austin has been in the solar industry since 2013. While pursuing a career in finance, he went to California to explore solar and loved the ability to help people become financially free of a power bill and he never looked back. Austin wanted to find a way to bring solar to his closest family and friends which is where Volt Energy was created.  He enjoys all sports and spending time with his wife Ana and his two sons: Nixon (Age 3) and Keller (Age 1).

Morgan Bell

Morgan has been in the solar industry since 2013. He has worked with homeowners and companies alike to better existing processes and save people money on their electric bills in multiple states and various utility areas.  Morgan is a husband and father and enjoys spending time with his family when not at work. House rules are Be Honest, Be Kind, Stick Together, Have Fun, Work Hard, and Respect Yourself And Others.

Save around 60-80%* on your electric rates

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