Commercial Solar AC Unit

Commercial Solar AC Unit

Can a solar AC unit be of any benefit? Most of us are familiar with the workings of the HVAC unit and trust most brands to do the intended work in the home. It is usual for people to doubt whether the commercial solar unit will provide the same results because they are still a growing market. The following is a breakdown of how the commercial solar unit works, so you have all the pros and cons to choose the right one carefully.

Pros of a solar-powered air conditioning unit

Pros of the solar AC unit

A solar AC unit has a lot of potentials to reduce your energy bills because it works better than the HVAC. A household or business that switches to the solar option will notice immediate financial savings after the installation period. The best solar AC installer has a couple of incentives to ease the process of putting up and running the system, so you can always find an affordable program.

Improve the home’s value

Real estate experts will be fast to tell you that homes with modern technology will have a competitive advantage. You want to install better systems, so you have a better chance of selling the home for profit. Additionally, you will acknowledge that the solar AC unit will save you a lot of money in the long run, so you will indeed have some financial advantages.

Cons of the solar AC unit

A commercial solar AC unit is only valid when it can do everything it should, meaning it has the right solar power to fuel its processes. An expert will tell you to invest in a commercial solar unit if you think the panel will have enough time to soak up the solar energy. Understand that a solar air conditioner will be problematic when you have bad weather, such as sunless and cloudy skies that prevent direct sunlight.

The direction of the sun

A solar energy panel should always face the sun’s direction so it can harness the total amount of energy. The main con of using a solar AC unit is that you have to make sure that the panel faces the sun’s direction all year round. We can solve this by strategically placing the panel in a fixed position with the ultimate possibility of getting the total amount of sunlight.


The first thing to consider is that all kinds of AC systems need regular repair and maintenance, so the only difference between an HVAC and the solar AC unit is how you maintain it. A traditional HVAC usually needs an expert who inspects and tweaks it every couple of times and will rarely have unprecedented issues indoors. However, a solar air conditioning system is different because it is on the outside and exposed to a slew of environmental interferences. The only downside of using the latter is you will have to be proactive to remove the snow, sleet, and other elements that settle on the panel.

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