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Customized Proposal

Every home is different when it comes to solar. Some homes have more shading than others, some homes have an East/West exposure, and others have North/South.  Going solar should be, and with us is, a custom project on every home. Every project will have a unique proposal built with specific savings and numbers included based on all of the applicable variables.  Curious on how your home would look? Drop us a line and we will have a Volt Energy team member reach out and start building those for you!  Get Started

25 Year Warranty*

Replacing your electric bill with a solar bill is only awesome if the money you are spending on solar is going to last. The truth is, nobody knows how long solar lasts as the first panels made in the 50’s by NASA are still running 70 years later!  That being said, there are different levels of equipment quality. We only use Tier 1 grade equipment which comes with at least a 25 year warranty. At the end of 25 years you are guaranteed at least 80-85% of your systems production.

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Solar ROI

When looking at going solar, the biggest concern is usually that “it costs too much”.  When thinking about a month to month approach, yes solar may be more expensive than your current month’s electric bill (Especially if you are paying cash for the system).  However, when taking the money you have spent on your electric bill over the course of your whole life and how much you can expect to spend going forward cumulatively, you may want to take a second look.  When you go solar, you can pay cash for the system and the significant savings from not having to pay your electric bill anymore now go towards paying back the money you spent up front, which means you now have a Return On your Investment (ROI).  By not having a remaining utility bill due to you owning your own power generating equipment (solar) you no longer have to rent the power generating equipment (solar/coal/natural gas/etc.) from the utility company and you are now just paying yourself back with your savings!  

    • Take this example as a reference:  

Is it better to rent a car from Enterprise all month long as your primary source of transportation or to buy your own car with cash?  If you only need the car for a month, then renting may be a good option, if you need a car anyway then wouldn’t financing a car be a cheaper method of getting around monthly than paying to use someone else’s car?  The rental car will never be paid off and will get more expensive over time with inflation, where as the owned car WILL be paid off at some point and your money has gone towards something of value that you own. Other than solar lasting MUCH longer than your typical car with little to no maintenance and the solar financing options being transferable compared to car loans that usually are not transferable, there is no difference!  Oh, and you receive tax credits for going solar as well!

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$0 Down

When going solar, the money you are already spending is our budget to work with. The way we see it is you are already spending the money, you just aren’t getting the benefits and you are paying too much!  Our typical solar options are $0 down and you use the money you are already spending on electricity to pay for the solar program which, in most cases, will be less than your current electric bill!!

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Installation Included

Instead of “Nickel and diming” folks on every little point of the solar project, we offer a full turn key pricing to our customers that includes everything from designing the system to getting the system installed and turned on through the city/HOA/Utility inspections.  We cover all of it!! Get Started

Do I Qualify?

There are a few factors that would qualify or disqualify a person wanting to go solar.

Do you Own your home? 
As a renter, you would not be able to put solar on the home you are living in…Sorry:( But if you have a relationship with the homeowner and they are looking for ways to increase the value of their property then we will pay you for referring the business along!
What is the roofs condition? 
We have to make sure the solar project comes with at least a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty on the construction and parts of the home that are affected by the solar. If the roof is leaking already or needs replacement then those things will need to be addressed before moving forward… We can actually facilitate that though, so don’t worry about it 🙂

If you are planning on using a financing or leasing program to get solar on the house instead of paying cash then the finance company will want to make sure you are able to pay your bills so your credit score will need to be above 600 to qualify for those types of programs.  We have programs that fit most people’s situations though so chances are we can still make it work:)

Angles and orientation of the home are important to note when thinking about going solar… We send someone out to the home to measure those so you know exactly how putting solar up would work given the production values.  Better facing solar will produce more power which means less power you have to buy from the utility company or less panels you have to install to produce the needed amount (More BANG for your buck!).

The Federal Tax credit is an incentive for which everyone who purchases solar is eligible!  Whether you have taxes to get credited back or not is something you will need to check with your tax professional about.  Not being able to get the tax credit isn’t the end of the world though… we have programs that are just as beneficial in those cases where you aren’t able to claim the tax credit. It’s always better to check and be pleasantly surprised than to never know at all and miss an opportunity:)
Is the electrical system of your home up to code and does your Main Service Panel have room for adding a solar breaker?  While we are out looking at your roof and going over the program with you, we will check your electrical systems and make sure those are up to speed for going solar.  If they are not, no worries! We can facilitate an electrical upgrade for you. Get Started

Save around 60-80%* on your electric rates

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If you own your home, you should own your solar system. With the variety of different financing options for solar, we take pride in saving our customers the most on their power bill, year after year, while providing top quality equipment.


Average Monthly Savings Over Current Utility

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100+ Satisfied Customers 

Morgan came to our house and gave us a great presentation about solar power. We had some reservations about solar but Morgan quickly cleared up our misconceptions. He walked us through the whole installation process and let us know what to expect and when. Everything went seamlessly from start to finish. We could not be more pleased and our electric bill is at least half of what it was before solar, sometimes even more. Financing was very affordable and very flexible. Highly recommend Volt Energy.read more
Robert Soreghen
20:13 18 Sep 19
Volts team went above and beyond in all aspects of the job. I am very pleased with the install quality and service. I will refer Volt without hesitation for anyone with solar needs.read more
Robbie Gower
19:47 24 Oct 19
During our consultation we were given two different solar package sizes which were based on our electrical use. Selection of solar size was explained as well as SRP plan that we would then be moved to. Entire process was explained extremely well . Installation as well as after sale experience has been nothing short of superb. From sales to customer service someone is always there to talk with any question even if it was explained to me prior to or needed to be explained again . Very Professional and would high recommend .read more
Shawn Burns
21:22 24 Aug 19
Morgan from Volt Energy has been absolutely great to work with. Elevation Solar was punctual and took the time to explain the entire installation process. Morgan has answered all of my questions through the entire process and really handled my questions and concerns with time and care. I am looking forward to many years of energy savings and working with Volt Energy.read more
Nick B
01:14 02 May 19
From the initial meeting to the last, it was such a smooth process. I was well informed every step during my solar installation.read more
Karen Jamison
03:37 20 Nov 19
Volt Energy did an amazing job setting up our solar energy system. I would highly recommend them for all of your solar energy needs.read more
Christopher Claridge
16:01 22 Nov 19
Even though there was a lot of problems with the original contractors (which was not Volts fault) Matt was very helpful and patient with my wife and I. He was very willing to work with us so that we would be satisfied customers. I would definitely recommend them as they went above and beyond to help us!read more
Frey Family
03:25 17 Dec 19
These guys have it together. I saw one of the owners, Austin, speak at a networking event and the young man knows his solar! He exudes confidence, integrity and is very well spoken. Since we already have solar on our home from years ago (saving us a ton every month), we're having Volt Energy do a home energy audit and 'Aeroseal' our inefficient home built 18 years ago. I won't be wasting all the cool air I pay for in the summer anymore; cooling the outside of my house!read more
Ken Sherman
23:34 06 Feb 20
The team is organized and well put together. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. Everyone was on-time and well versed in their knowledge.read more
Nora .
20:12 03 Mar 20
Our experience with Austin of Volt Energy was fantastic! He is knowledgeable, patient and willing to answer all kinds of questions regarding your power bill and the benefits of going solar. The analysis they provided will help you to make an informed decision. When we do decide to go solar you can bet 100% that we will use Volt Energy!read more
Dede Van Houten
13:01 04 Mar 20
From the initial consultation to install went flawless. Everyone showed up on time and very professional. Very happy to refer! Looking forward to saving energy and money!read more
Cathryn Curcio
15:30 04 Mar 20
So this is just my initial review of the process and the installation. We were going to do this in 2018, but we had old A/C units and wanted to get new ones installed prior to getting solar so we weren't paying for a system that was overrated for our house after getting new A/C units. Anyways, Morgan is an amazing account manager and really took care of us. The guys from Elevation Solar who did the install did amazing work. All the conduit they had to run was painted to match the roof, and they even painted the conduit so it match our house...all in one day (23 panels). If you're interested in solar and are reading this review, just note, this is my initial review...still waiting on SRP to complete the install after they inspect it, but from a sales perspective, Morgan did great...no pressure and is very communicative, and Elevation did top notch work (I'm pretty picky on things and was defiantly pleased on the outcome of the work they did). Will do another update when I get some data to see if we get the benefits of solar.read more
Brian D'Arezzo
18:06 17 Mar 20
Extremely positive experience. Austin was great to work with and very patient as I went through my analysis. Solar is somewhat difficult to understand while comparing one option to another. Austin was trustworthy and credible and it always felt like he had my best interest in mind. Installation was quick and easy. Solution also included Aeroseal and Insulation which has been phenomenal! Highly recommend Volt!read more
Brian Horwitz
20:58 01 Jun 20
Austin walked us through the whole process. He kept all promises, and so did the system he installed! He has stayed in thought through the whole process. We are saving money now on big AC bills. Austin continues to help in setting up apps to monitor and control the solar system. He is patient with the not so tech savvy customer and explains things in a way that can be easily understood. His system helps home owners save money, he knows how to best take advantage of SRP programs so that the customer spends the least and saves the most! I highly recommend him!read more
Samuel Garday
20:21 01 Jun 20
Just started using our solar system with Volt. Morgan and Jess were our sherpas through the process. They were always available and quickly responded back with answers when we had questions, from our initial meeting through the final walk through. Would recommend the Volt team for anyone looking to make solar a part of their home energy strategy.read more
Eric Fischer
20:39 01 Oct 20