Going green has been an upward trend in recent years, and it appears as though it is going to stay that way. People are looking to make a positive impact in the world they live in, and we can show you a few ways to become more sustainable and make a difference.
1. Reuse before you recycle
One way to reduce waste is to reused before you recycle. If you can make use of an item instead of throwing it to the recycle, it will eliminated the chance of it getting tainted and the recycling company having to throw it out completely. Recycling can be a bit complicated and there is a lack of understanding how to properly recycle.
2. Go Solar
Did you know going solar is more affordable than ever? Volt Energy has a great program to going solar for 0 dollars down and you will be paying less than what you pay in electricity now. Not only that, you own your energy. Once your solar equipment is paid off, your bill could be as low as your Starbucks order.
3. BYOB- Bring Your Own Bag
By bringing your own bags for the grocery store, it reduces the demand for plastic bags. Not only that but they come in many different designs so it makes grocery shopping quite enjoyable!
4. Start Your Own Compost
Greenery is big right now, as more and more people turn to plants and gardening as an exciting hobby. Turn your kitchen waste into nutrient rich soil for your garden and plants by starting a compost bin.
5. Shop Green
There are hundreds of brands that built their companies around green practices, from cleaning supplies to beauty brands. Many are reasonably priced, so it is possible to shop green and make it affordable for you and your family.