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Solar Panels Gilbert AZ

Arizona enjoys a lot sunnier days each year than most states, standing at roughly 299 days. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the unlimited power of solar panels and save vast amounts of money compared to alternatives like oil and gas. In addition, installing a solar panel in Arizona affords multiple tax incentives and government benefits, making the panels incredibly cheap.

How we help you choose and install the right solar panels in Gilbert AZ

Solar installation companies usually do all the work for you in choosing and installing the right panels. The team of specialized solar installers knows how to choose the right solar panels for businesses by taking necessary measurements, special considerations, and site evaluations for the perfect panel.

Choosing the panel

We mentioned that choosing the right solar panels in Gilbert, AZ depends on specific measurements. Therefore, it is easier for us to choose one that supports your lifestyle by calculating how much energy you need for all appliances and electrical demands. Some factors we look at while considering residential solar panels:

  • Roof characteristics – We look at the roofing material and structure to find one with the most compatibility. The golden angle is to choose one that will sit 30 degrees on the roof or 40 degrees on the ground. The size of the roof matters because most solar installation projects must have at least 300 square feet of space.
  • Location – Many people think that solar panels are only helpful when their roof is facing the sun’s direction for the better part of the day. Our job is to keep an eye out for obstructions and find the best spot to increase solar energy efficiency.
  • Tax incentives – The government allows homeowners to get better costs for the solar system. We make up the estimate of your solar panel and calculate just how much benefit you will get before buying and installing any solar panel systems for commercial buildings.

Choosing the right solar panels for commercials

As stated earlier, we assess the site and give the correct details for you to meet the economic and electrical needs of the panels. The last bit about choosing the solar panel is to get the right pick between a stand-alone or off-grid system. Here is a summary of either choice:

  • Off-grid – The off-grid system is wholly detached from the primary power grid. The system uses batteries and includes a generator to meet everyday energy needs. Typically, we will use the off-grid system to live in a remote region, require minimal electricity, and want a more cost-effective electricity source.
  • Grid inter-tied – The solar panel system has a connection to the traditional electricity grid. A considerable advantage of these systems is they can balance the energy production and power requirements by only drawing the necessary energy from the primary power grid. 

In summary, you should only choose a power system that will blend perfectly with your home’s electrical needs. We may give you several business solar panels options to consider and advise on getting optimal financial and electrical benefits. Reach out at 480-530-8658 for questions or to get a free consultation.

Solar Panels Gilbert AZ