Solar AC Gilbert

Solar AC Gilbert

Solar AC

During the hot months of summer, you need a reliable AC system that can keep your home cool and comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside. A solar AC in Gilbert can ensure your home is cool. Even better, it can save energy and at the same time reduce your heating and cooling bills. Definitely a worthy investment.

If you’ve decided to go solar, you need reliable installers like us. At Volt Energy, we’re a top-rated solar company. We can help you select the perfect solar air conditioning that will fulfill your demands while lowering your utility costs.

Buyers Guide 2022

A solar-powered air conditioning unit runs on energy collected from the sun. This form of energy is sustainable and becomes more affordable each year. The number of solar panels you require will depend on the capacity of your AC. Top of mind for anyone considering switching to solar is the amount it costs to operate a solar air conditioner. It can actually be anywhere from $0 to a couple of dollars every month. The reason why you would have to spend a few dollars monthly is that some units have fans that are powered by electricity. Still, you can cut your AC’s energy consumption by 80 to 100 percent, depending on the system you purchase.

How A Solar Powered AC Works

Solar panels harvest sunlight in their cells. The panels then convert energy from the sun into electric power. This is referred to as DC (Direct Current) electrical power. By buying a direct current AC, the panels can be wired to it directly. Most ACs need alternating current power. This means the DC power has to be converted using an inverter to alternating power.

Solar ACs and Batteries

Batteries in solar air conditioners store excess energy. The stored energy is useful in powering your air conditioner after your panels have stopped generating power when the sun sets. So, do all ACs require batteries? Batteries are necessary if you still wish to run your air conditioner at night. Also, if you’re totally off-grid, you’ll want batteries.

But how much battery power? This will vary based on the amount of power your air conditioner needs to work, the voltage of the batteries, and the amount of sunlight. You can know the wattage requirements of your air conditioner by checking the metal label on the side or back of your AC. Then, to estimate how many kilowatt-hours you consume daily, multiply the wattage indicated on your air conditioner by the number of hours your AC runs in a day, then divide it by 1,000. Alternatively, you can work with the best solar AC installers who’ll determine the battery power you need.

Are You Ready to Go Solar?

Installing a solar AC in Gilbert can help minimize your cooling and heating costs by up to 50 percent. If you’re not sure whether off-grid air conditioner installation is the best option for you, that’s not a problem. We know that choosing an AC can be confusing, given the many options available. Trust our experts at Volt Energy to help you choose the ideal AC for your home. Contact us for a service or a quote: 480-530-VOLT.

Solar AC Gilbert