Off-Grid Solar

See why thousands are switching to Off-Grid Solar options

Solar AC Unit Gilbert AZ

There are many different applications for Solar Air Conditioning Units. Whether you’re looking to cool your garage, home office, gym, single room, or whole house, the options are endless with a Commercial Solar AC Unit in Gilbert AZ. You’re also able bring cool air to places that don’t have AC; like a casita, cabin, or backyard shed, etc. If you can imagine it, it’s probably an option. See why so many are completely eliminating their #1 most expensive portion of their electric bill.  

Are You Ready to Go Off-Grid?

Solar Pool System

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pool clean and healthy without using any power from your electric provider, A Volt Energy Solar Pool System Gilbert AZ is exactly what you need! A solar pool pump operates on the power of the sun rather than electrical energy, which means they don’t have any running costs. They are a great addition to a pool for people who live in areas with high temperatures and moderate to high electrical costs.