Solar Energy In Arizona

Solar Energy In Arizona

Get the most with Solar Energy in Arizona

For years, the electricity that powered the United States came from traditional sources. As of 2005, approximately half of the country’s electricity was produced by burning coal, 25% from fossil fuels (oil and gas), and 20% from nuclear power.

In recent years, however, a variety of green energy sources have arisen, most notably solar energy. Today, millions of owners have purchased solar panel systems for commercial buildings and homes and enjoy this sustainable energy source. If you are an owner and still haven’t made up your mind, you should know the great benefits of using solar power over traditional energy.

Top-5 Benefits of Solar Energy vs. Traditional Energy

  1. It’s Renewable

Coal, natural gas, oil, and even nuclear power sources will eventually run out. Moreover, as these resources become scarce, electricity rates will rise significantly. Instead, with top-notch solar panels for commercial & residential, you can enjoy solar energy in Arizona as long as the sun is alive. According to NASA, the sun will be around for another 6.5 billion years.

  1. Solar Power is Sustainable

Solar energy is incredibly abundant, and even more so in Arizona, which is one of the most solar-powered states in the USA. Because of its abundance and the fact that it is renewable, it is a sustainable source of power over time. The sun can not only meet the world’s energy demand today but will certainly be able to meet future demand.

  1. Green Energy

Unlike traditional electricity, electricity from solar energy does not pollute. There is no need to burn anything or generate harmful waste to produce solar electricity. In fact, by using solar energy you will be making a significant contribution to the planet. For example, if you install solar panels for businesses or homes, in one year you will avoid significant CO2 emissions. A house powered by solar electricity for one year is equivalent to planting thousands of trees.

  1. Available Everywhere

To access traditional power grids, energy companies need to invest in transformers, generators, and wiring. You can install top commercial or residential solar panels in any corner of Arizona, and power your home, business, or even your factory.

  1. More Economical in the Long Run

While it is true that installing the best home or business solar panels represents a significant cost, your investment will give you a better return in the long run. The savings in electricity bills that you will achieve with your solar system will allow the investment to pay for itself in about 5 years. For an average household, in a couple of decades, the savings on traditional energy will surely exceed $20K. Besides, you have a variety of rebates and government incentives, which reduce installation costs and make the investment even more attractive.

Rely on the Experts

If you want to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits of solar power, you’re in the right place. Since 2015 Volt Energy has positioned itself as the leading solar panel sales and installation company in Arizona. Let us provide you with world-class service at the most competitive prices in the market. Reach out for questions or to get a free consultation.