Solar Gilbert

Solar Gilbert

Are You Ready to Go Solar in Gilbert?

Solar electricity has become an excellent alternative for owners, who now enjoy great savings on their energy bills. Besides, many people are embracing those systems to help protect the environment and reduce global warming.

At the beginning of the development of this technology, talking about installing residential or business solar panels was talking about a lot of money. However, today prices are competitive, and going solar is possible. If you are interested in going solar, you must ask yourself some key questions that will help you make your decision.

Top-7 Questions to Ask Yourself About If You’re a Good Candidate for Solar

  1. How much do you spend on electricity?

First, you should consider your home or business usage, as well as the rates charged by your utility company. Other factors such as the age of your equipment and appliances also play a role, as the new ones are more energy-efficient. If your utility expenses are high, solar energy is a great alternative.

  1. What is the climate like in your location?

While top-of-the-line solar panels for businesses & homes work in any climate, when the sun is shining the system works more efficiently. For example, solar panels for commercial & residential are a good choice in Arizona, where 80% of the year is sunny.

  1. What is the orientation of the roof?

Since the roof is the ideal place to install your commercial or residential solar panels, it must be oriented in a favorable direction. In the United States, if the roof is facing south it is just perfect. Otherwise, you should consider alternatives such as special bases for the system.

  1. What are the characteristics of the roof?

There are different factors to consider to know if your roof is suitable or not to install solar panels. Aspects such as the type of roof, the structure, the age, the inclination, and the presence of vegetation will be determinant. The best solar system companies like Volt Energy can do an inspection and help you decide if you can make a successful installation or not.

  1. What Government Incentives are available?

It is essential to find out if your state or local government gives incentives to people who install solar energy systems. For example, in Arizona, you can get tax credits of 25% up to $1000, and a sales tax exemption on your solar panels.

  1. Is your state SREC state?

Some states require electric utilities to obtain their power from renewable sources, such as solar. In those places, the companies pay homeowners to help them meet the quota. This will allow you to not only save on your electric bill, but get money for the excess electricity you will generate with solar.

  1. Are you financially prepared?

While go solar in Gilbert is an excellent investment, the expense of solar panel systems for commercial buildings or homes can be challenging for some owners. Top solar companies like Volt Energy offer a variety of options so you can purchase your system within your financial possibilities.

Trust the Experts

If you want to install a top-of-the-line solar power system for your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. At Volt Energy we make solar easy, offering you the best commercial and residential solar systems at the best prices on the market. Reach out for questions or to get a free consultation.

Solar Gilbert