Solar Gilbert AZ

Solar Gilbert AZ

Why is it Worthy to Go Solar in Gilbert AZ?

One of the alternative energy sources that have gained more relevance in recent years is solar. More and more businesses and homes are choosing to go solar, in many cases motivated to use green energy and preserve the planet.

However, the reasons for switching to solar energy go far beyond the environmental aspect. Solar panel systems for commercial buildings or homes can generate significant benefits in savings from your conventional energy consumption. Many homeowners think this is a publicity stunt, and it is, therefore, necessary to understand in numbers why going solar in Gilbert AZ is an ideal decision.

What Determines the Cost of a Solar Energy System?

The costs of this technology depend on several factors, starting with the number of kilowatts you want your solar panels for commercial or residential use to generate. Other factors such as government incentives, system size, property characteristics, and installation costs also play a role. If you opt for a top provider like Volt Energy, installation is free, making the investment more competitive.

Comparing the Cost and Benefit of Different Solar Systems

  • 2 kW

These are residential solar panel systems that will allow you to alleviate the consumption of half of the fossil energy needed by the average U.S. household. Before government incentives, these systems average a cost of $5,620. After incentives, they can cost just over $4100. The annual output of the system is about 2840 kWh with which you can save about $500 per year. In a couple of decades, you can have savings for more than $10k.

  • 4 kW

The average American home consumes about 3,600 kW, so this configuration will be sufficient for most homes in Gilbert AZ. You can get the system for about $8100 after government incentives (originally it may cost about $11,250). Its annual output is 5680 kWh on average, with which you will be able to save over $1000 annually. In 20 years you will have a return on your investment of over $20k.

  • 6 kW

This is another of the most popular configurations, as it is ideal if you are looking to power a large home, or if you need business solar panels for small companies. You can generate on average about 8520 kWh with these systems which will cost you about $12,500 after government assistance is applied. With savings on electricity bills above $1500 per year, you can save over $30k in 20 years.

Gilbert Is an Extraordinary Place to Go Solar

Arizona is one of the best places to install top solar panels for businesses or homes and get the most out of them. Keep in mind first of all, that solar power system prices have dropped over 20% in the area (over 70% in the case of battery banks). Also, the cost per watt in Arizona is the lowest in the country, averaging just $2.34/W. The savings on energy bills in 25 years are more than advantageous in the state. For example in Phoenix, you can save over $40k. In other places like Mesa or Tucson, your earnings can exceed $45k.

Count on the Experts

If you want to install the greatest solar in Gilbert AZ, you are in the right place. Since 2015 Volt Energy has positioned itself as the top-of-the-line provider in the region. We are ready to provide you with a world-class result. Reach out for questions or to get a free consultation.

Solar Gilbert AZ