Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Why Install Solar Panels?

Today, there is a worldwide trend to look for alternative energy sources for homes. One of the options that have gained more popularity in recent years is solar energy. Every day more and more homeowners are betting on this alternative to obtain electricity for their homes.

However, there is still the belief that this is an excessive expense. Many people think it is an investment that will take years to recover, and therefore doubt the benefit of this alternative energy source. It is, therefore, necessary to know the powerful reasons why installing solar systems in the home is a wise decision.

Top-6 Reasons to Install Solar Panels

  1. Electricity Bill Savings

While the cost of installing the system is significant, it has been shown that people who go solar save between $40 and $180 per month just in the first year. This represents a savings of between $500 and $2000. In other words, your home solar system could pay for itself within 5 years. After that, you’ll keep the savings which can amount to $20,000 over 20 years, representing an extraordinary return on your investment.

  1. Increased Property Value

The U.S. Department of Energy showed that homebuyers are willing to pay a $15,000 premium for a mid-sized home with solar power. An average system uses one to 3,600 watts. This means that an additional $4 can be anticipated in the home’s sale value per watt, thus increasing the overall value of the home.

  1. Self-Sustaining Homes

At any time the local electrical system can fail. Generators can blow up, or there can be a general failure. Besides, fossil energy will eventually run out. On the other hand, the sun will still be around in time, not only for you to enjoy but for future generations to come. With a solar energy system, you never have to worry about the source running out.

  1. You Reduce Pollution

A home that uses solar energy avoids the emission of more than 170 tons of carbon dioxide over 30 years. That’s the equivalent of you contributing to the environment by having 10 soccer fields full of trees. Instead of relying on fossil energy that generates heat and pollutants, you will be benefiting your family and the environment.

  1. You Will Avoid Price Increases

As fossil energy becomes scarce, the price of electricity will increase. Keep in mind that in recent years the cost of this service has been on the rise. With a solar system you know you will have a stable source of energy for years to come, with no investment other than maintenance.

Are You Ready to Going Solar?

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