Solar Panels AZ

Solar Panels AZ

Installing a solar panel is much like buying a house, except the cohort of people who invest in solar systems is much smaller; hence you have fewer data to compare. There are high stakes in buying just any kind of solar unit because you generally risk losing your hard-earned money. A critical issue to consider when designing a house is energy efficiency. It would help if you had a constructor who considers all the energy-saving features and installs the proper foundation, walls, windows, and energy sources to ensure optimal energy usage. Another easy way to ensure better energy is to replace traditional electricity with solar energy.

Best kinds of solar panels for homes

There are plenty of factors to consider when installing a solar system. Most of these panels fit into three major categories for residential solar panels. Each of them has different traits and offers different advantages. In addition, the cost of solar systems is constantly rising, and you need an installer who will make a calculated jump with you. Use the following guide to understand the best solar panels for your home.

Monocrystalline panels

These panels are standard as residential solar panels because they have excellent power capacity and performance efficiency. They can reach an efficiency level as high as 20%, hence are easily one of the most impressive in the market. Therefore, we can quickly identify monocrystalline panels and focus on figuring out which semiconductors and features will serve your needs.

Most people enjoy the sleek look of monocrystalline panels, which are usually black and blend well with dark roofs. Trust us to choose the kind that suits your budget and offer the best budgetary plans.

Polycrystalline panels

These panels have a more extended history in the industry than the counterparts. As a result, they have different efficiency levels that last anywhere between 15-17%. The advantage is poly solar panels in AZ have a simple manufacturing process and are generally more efficient than the counterparts are because they have better absorption capacity.
Thin-film panels

The panels generally have a lower efficiency and power capacity, which leans towards 11% or less. Therefore, they are not the best for a standard home with complete household needs. In other news, they are excellent in supplementing other solar panel types without the cost of installing another expensive system.

Thin-film cells have solar cells that absorb layers of light. They are available in dark hues and match just about any roofing aesthetic. Overall, thin-film panels are more affordable but best to install after you get professional advice.

Which type do we use for your home?

Volt Energy Solar manages the entire installation process from the beginning to the end. We use any combination or pick of panels, so you have the best energy levels for all household demands. You do not have to hurdle about the aesthetics, voltage needs, and other specifications. Consider consulting us (480-530-8658) for your energy and solar panel concerns so that we can discuss your eligibility for one of the above solar panel types or many more in store.


Solar Panels AZ