Solar Panels For Pool

Solar Panels For Pool

When you have a pool, you will see many types of pool covers that you can pick from. Not only do you want to get something durable to protect your pool, but you may also be able to heat it with solar panels for pool use. This is a good way to remain energy efficient while saving you money, but it is natural to have questions. 

What are Solar Panels for Pools? 

A solar heating system for your pool will not generate electricity, and it works with the sole purpose of heating the pool. The energy gathered from the sun with these panels gets used to heat without the need for electricity. This is also referred to as solar thermal. A lot of solar heating units will contain four major components, including: 

  • Solar collector
  • Pump
  • Flow control valve
  • Filter 

These systems usually work by pumping water from the pool with a pump, then pushing it into a filter and the solar collector (panels). The water gets heated as it passes with the panels by way of heat transfer. Warmed water then goes back into the swimming pool. 

Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It? 

Yes. In most situations, you will see that your solar panels for pool heating will pay for themselves in a short period. You save money on electricity and simply use light from the sun for all of your pool heating needs. Since they rely on the sun for warmth, you will have lower operating costs than you would with heat pumps or gas heaters.

Do Solar Rings for Pools Really Work?

The answer here depends on different factors. Quality solar rings might last for four years if made from quality materials. Efficient solar rings help absorb more sunlight in a short period, offering maximum pool heating. 

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Pool? 

There are many elements to consider when determining how many solar panels you need to heat your pool. Our team at Volt Solar Energy will look at the size of your pool, the desired swim season, shade around the pool, and more. We will ensure that you get the best results for your solar pool heating goals. 

How Long Does It Take to Heat a Pool with Solar Panels? 

The time it takes for solar panels to heat your pool depends on the location, the beginning water temperature, and the type of solar panels you have. We always tell our customers that using a pool cover also helps to cut back on heat loss overnight and days when the temperature drops. This helps to allow for more efficient, faster heating when you have solar panel pool heating in place. 

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