Solar Pool System

Eliminate the cost to run your pool

What is it?

If you’re looking for a way to keep your pool clean and healthy without using any power from your electric provider, A Volt Energy Solar Pool System is exactly what you need!

A solar pool pump operates on the power of the sun rather than electrical energy, which means they don’t have any running costs. They are a great addition to a pool for people who live in areas with high temperatures and moderate to high electrical costs.

Benefits of a Solar Pool System

A Gilbert AZ Solar Pool System will allow you to run the pool pump completely off-grid, allowing for HUGE savings month by month and year over year. A typical option for a homeowner who is looking to replace a single-speed pump that is 4-5 years old, is to install a variable speed pump.

That variable speed pump will save on average 30-40% of the pool operating costs, while our variable speed solar pool pump will eliminate 100% of the operating costs of the pool. With all of the local and federal rebates that are available, our solar panels for your pool system will come in at a similar cost with the ability to save thousands of dollars over the coming years.  


Adds a Shade Structure

The Solar Pool System will provide a shade structure over the pool equipment which will extend the life greatly of the pumps and all of the equipment. Typical piping is done with PVC pipe that over time will need to be replaced because of the damage of the sun.

Based on our research, with our solar pool installation in Gilbert, AZ we are extending the life of the pool equipment by 5-6 years which is putting hundreds of dollars back into homeowners pockets. This shade structure also creates a beautiful aesthetic to any backyard because of our premium solar panels.

Runs All Day

The Solar Pool System will run during ALL available sun hours throughout the day which provides many overall benefits. The first benefit is that you’ll be able to run the pool for 2-3 additional hours per day than typical which will help keep the pool in a better overall condition.

Most homeowners choose to run the pool pump for an average of 8 hours per day based on the size of the pool. They also choose to run the pool pump at night because of the off-peak rates being less expensive. Running the pool pump during the day will help keep the pool cleaner and allow for less chemicals to be used.


Save around 60-80%* on your electric rates

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