Solar Rebates Gilbert AZ

What are the rebates for going solar here in Arizona?

What are they?

It’s not a question of if you should install solar panels on your roof; the time for that has long passed. It’s now a question of when you should install solar panels on your roof. All over the country, states and local municipalities are offering rebates to incentive homeowners to switch to solar power.

The wonderful state of Arizona is no exception to these tax credits and rebates that are available for solar and energy efficiency. The current state credits available for Arizona Homeowners is up to $1,000 depending upon the size of the system. 


Benefits of a Home Solar System

There are also local utility rebates for both SRP and APS pertaining to energy efficiency upgrades such as Aeroseal and added Insulation. These rebates will vary from $200 to potentially $2,000 depending upon upgrades you choose and the amount of square footage associated with your home.

For help understanding credits and solar rebates in Gilbert AZ, please give us a call or send us an email so we can build you an exact proposal for your home.

Save around 60-80%* on your electric rates

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