Need a New Roof?

See my different options for replacing my roof.

When it comes to choosing a new roof, there are several factors that homeowners should consider: aesthetics, durability, maintenance requirements. Up until a few years ago, you’ve had two main choices when it comes to your home’s exterior look.

You could go with the traditional asphalt shingle or you could opt for a more modern, but less durable in most climates, metal or tile roof. But now there is a third choice: Solar Panels! Including solar panels into your new roof provides many benefits such as additional federal and state incentives. 

Benefits of a Home Solar Roof System

Including solar panels onto your new roof or onto your existing re-roof will allow homeowners to receive ADDITIONAL tax credits/rebates that wouldn’t normally be available.

Often times, these credits pay for 20-30% of the roof. If you are considering a new roof, or even roof repairs, you need to take a look at what a solar roof installation in Gilbert can do in helping receive additional credits and payment options.

Save around 60-80%* on your electric rates

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